凯西蒙迪国际艺术中心,简称“CACI 凯西艺术”,由多位在职美国知名大学教授,国际国内著名艺术家,及美国专业艺术教育管理公司联合创办。CACI 凯西艺术,引进大量国际艺术教育资源,以发掘青少年对艺术的感知力、思考力、创造力、表达力,帮助成年人乐享艺术,为我们的基本理念,致力于为全年段的学员提供与国际接轨的艺术教育服务。

CACI 凯西艺术自2008 年入驻国内,至今已在北京、上海、成都、合肥开设多家分支机构(筹建中:宁波、大连、武汉),未来阶段,CACI 凯西艺术将走入更多城市和家庭。CACI 凯西艺术课程体系,由多位美国知名艺术院校任教的导师教授、国内著名高校的教育专家团队和众多国内外一线艺术家联合研发。

我们创新性地开发了先验式艺术课程,根据学员年龄及艺术表达能力的提高,阶段式划分学习内容结构。CACI 凯西艺术课程将以更先进、科学的教学节奏引导学员学习各种艺术课程。


CACI International Art Center was founded with reputed US college professors, artists and corporations specializes in art education and management. Since the establishment, CACI has been importing art education resources from world wide, for exploring youth’s abilities of perception, insight, creativity and expression to art. To help the adults to find happiness while enjoying art is also one basic concept of CACI. CACI is dedicated to offer the opportunities of art education to all age groups.

Since being introduced to China in 2008, CACI has opened several branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hefei (coming soon: Ningbo, Dalian, Wuhan), CACI will be introduced to more families in China in the future. CACI art courses are researched and designated by numerous professors from top US art colleges and Chinese colleges, alongside with global artists in the front-line.

CACI has exploited the innovative art courses, which contains the staggered construction of learning based on the increase of students’ age or the ability to express art. CACI will guide students to learn the diverse art courses with more advanced and scientific ways.

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